Remorquable, cette idée bien utile aux cyclistes bruxellois !


JDE article of 27 September 2022 by Nathalie Lemaire

remorquable, a useful idea for Brussels cyclists!

More than half of the households (people living alone or with their families) in Brussels live without a car. More and more people are travelling by bike. But what if you have to transport a lot of things or bulky objects? Here’s a solution: Remorquable !


Remorquable – Borrowing a trailer for your bike, like borrowing a book from a library, is possible in Brussels. – Remorquable

Nathalie Lemaire

Published on 27-09-2022 at 07:52

If you have to transport large volumes by bike, you are quickly limited. Bike trailers exist, but not everyone wants to buy this object that is rarely used and takes up a lot of space! The solution? Trailers to be shared by all! Just as a library book is passed from one reader to another, or a game from one family to another via toy libraries, trailers can be used successively by several cyclists according to their needs.

how does remorquable work ?

The Remorquable association started making bicycle trailers four years ago. It now has a dozen of them, scattered throughout the Brussels-Capital Region. Anne and Frédérique explain: “They are located in secure places all over Brussels: a car park at the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles), at La Cambre, at the Molenbike association…”.

If a Brussels resident wants to borrow one of these trailers, he or she must first subscribe to Remorquable’s services. He will then follow a one-hour training course to learn how to use the trailer and move safely in traffic. It must be said that the trailers are wider than a bicycle. They are 90cm by 1m20.

Then he goes to the association’s website, looks at the map of the city and locates the trailer that is in the most convenient place for him. He can reserve it. He then receives a code that allows him to unlock the trailer’s attachment system. He can then attach the trailer to his bike (electric or not) and set off…

the trailers are fixed, here to the wall. the code in the top box must be typed in to unlock the coupling system (remorquable).

Remorquable allows families to transport heavy or bulky objects, for example. But associations also benefit from this system. The ULB’s “frigo solidaire”, for example, uses the Remorquable trailer to go round the shops to collect unsold foodstuffs for redistribution. “Our trailers can carry up to 65 kg,” explains Anne. “This is a limit of the highway code. To be able to carry more, the trailers must be equipped with an integrated braking system. We only have two such trailers, but they are original trailers.”

pizza trailer, karaoke trailer…

this trailer contains everything you need to make pizzas (remorquable)

Original trailers…? Anne and Frédérique smile: “For example, we have a pizza trailer. It contains large barrels fitted out with everything you need to cook pizzas. We also have a games trailer, full of outdoor games and board games. With La Jacqueline, we do animations with the karaoke trailer: the mixing desk, the microphones and the speakers are inside, the screen is with… “.

the mobile toy library, travelling in a bicycle trailer in brussels! (remorquable)

Remorquable makes animations with its original trailers. It also organises bicycle repair workshops with its “mobile workshop” trailer. Every fortnight, four locations in Brussels are visited by Sergi and his workshop trailer. People can come and have their bikes repaired, or learn how to repair them themselves !

the bike repair workshop trailer (remorquable)

Anne and Fred tell us about the photo trailer, which allows you to take a photo as in the last century, to develop it in a portable darkroom and to make a print on paper. Or the kitchen trailer, which contains the cooker and the equipment to prepare a small dish…

“Smile and don’t move”, or how to take pictures like in the old days! (remorquable)

In short, here, the trailers are utilitarian objects, but they also make it possible to create links and make fun animations in every corner of the city!

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