More and more loan branches


opening of new bicycle trailer loan offices in the bc region as part of the cairgo bike project.


Remorquable may be the solution for you!

For nearly three years, Brussels’ first trailer library has been developing a unique service: the sharing of bicycle trailers, accessible to all budgets through differentiated rates.

With a view to autonomy, reparability and local job creation, the trailers are designed and assembled in the workshops of the Tournevie association. This partnership is no accident. Tournevie is a pioneer in mutualisation and the economy of functionality. They opened Brussels’ first tool library in 2016.

These trailers can be used to move bulky objects, large shopping bags, fruit or vegetable bins, musical instruments and even small removals. In many cases, the contents of a car boot can fit into one or two trailers. No more traffic jams and parking hassles. There are ecological and social alternatives!

At present, there are almost ten trailer loan offices open in the Brussels region. Would you like to find out where you can borrow a trailer near you? More information on our website:

In addition to the bike trailer loan service, the association also offers free individual or group training sessions on driving a bike trailer in traffic. A tailor-made session to help cyclists take the plunge and share the ABC’s of good practice for travelling with a bike trailer in town.

Here are the testimonies of two members illustrating different possible uses of our trailers:

Willemien, 25: “The trailer was easy to use and perfect for what I needed to do. It was comfortable to ride and followed the movements of my bike without any problems.

I think Remorquable is a very good alternative to using the car to move things that are a bit too heavy to carry or take on public transport. They offer a convenient and accessible service, which I hope will become popular for all urban cyclists!”

Wim, 58: “When I was preparing to move to the Pentagon, I considered hiring a cargo bike. It is not easy to find a free parking space for a moving truck at both addresses in the city centre. A cargo bike can easily be parked on the pavement.

Then someone told me that there are also bike trailers for rent. With a load floor of 60×120 cm, you can carry a lot of stuff. I loaded boxes and cupboards on it, everything went very well.”

want to know more?

Go to to find the nearest loan office. To access the service, nothing could be simpler: register online and meet us to finalise your membership.

Other branches will open in the course of 2022. You can follow our adventures by subscribing to our newsletter.

the european cairgo-bike project

The Cairgo Bike project, led by Brussels Mobility, aims to improve air quality by encouraging the use of cargo bikes for the transport of goods and people, for professional or private use.

Selected by the European programme of Innovative Urban Actions, the Cairgo Bike project will run for three years. The project partners are trying to overcome the main obstacles encountered by potential users: Pro Velo and Urbike, under the coordination of Brussels Environment, are focusing on getting on the bike. In order to facilitate access to cargo bikes, Cambio provides shared cargo bikes to complement its fleet and Remorquable provides a bike trailer loan service. Brussels Economy and Employment is also developing a system of purchase incentives for professionals. One of the major obstacles to buying a cargo bike is parking. To deal with this problem, BePark and Parking‧brussels are both developing parking spaces for cargo bikes on and off the road. Finally, Brussels Environment is measuring the impact on air pollution exposure and the VUB is evaluating the results.