It’s spring !


A peaceful smile settles on our lips, it’s finally spring! And it warms the heart, we can breathe a little, we still have breath for sure and the bike could have something to do with it… If we have been hibernating for the last few months, we will now be able to open our senses to the flowers that bloom and smell, to the breeze that caresses our skin, to the chirping of the birds. Everything is finally taking on a new radiance!

In perspective, an Apéro/Remorquable at the Cinquantenaire in April where we will be delighted to meet again, mobile workshops with Sergi spread out in the city to revise your bike, and finally a RemorCat race, an orienteering race with bike trailers in May… !

on the programme :

  • Apéro on Thursday 7 April
  • Our activities for schools and extra-curricular groups
  • Job offer admin/accountant
  • Mobile workshop May – June
  • RemorCat race Sunday 8 May
  • Arrival of Anne (and spring)
  • apéro/remorquable

An Apéro/Remorquable on Thursday 7 April from 5.30 pm to 8 pm to meet in the Parc du Cinquantenaire (opposite the Arcades) and enjoy the beautiful days together over a drink!

On the programme:

  • A bar on site (beers, softs & nibbles)
  • Music
  • Games library

    our entertainment catalogue

NLAs you may already know, Remorquable is more than a trailer park. We have the ambition and the pleasure to develop a range of activities to promote active mobility among young (and not so young) people. Whether it’s a theoretical module aimed at secondary school students to address energy and mobility issues in a cross-cutting manner, or practical activities combining supervised bike rides and introductions to bike mechanics from the third year of primary school, there is something for everyone.

Want to know more? We are always looking for groups for practical workshops. Don’t hang around too long!

Consult our catalogue


job offer

We are looking for a motivated person to join our team. This person will be responsible for the administrative and financial management of the ASBL.

3/5ths – 6 months renewable fixed-term contract

Interested‧e? All the information is here. Do not hesitate to send your CV and motivation letter before April 15th to



resumption of mobile workshops with sergi

Diagnosis and repairs (skids, punctures, maintenance…)

  • Peterboos Park, opposite Block 9
    Wednesdays: 4 and 18 May & 1 and 15 June
  • Rue de la Querelle, opposite the football pitch
    Saturdays: 7 and 21 May & 4 and 18 June
  • Rue de l’Ordre
    Wednesdays 11 and 25 May & 8 and 22 June
  • Rue de Vlogaert, opposite the football pitch
    Saturdays 14 and 28 May & 11 and 25 June



remorcat race

Team orienteering race with bicycle trailer

Remorquable is pleased to invite you to its first big orienteering race inspired by the “alleycat” races. There will be a maximum of 20 teams, so don’t take too long to decide.

The programme:

Each team is expected at 1.30 pm at the Tournevie workshop, 15 rue Jacques de Lalaing, to collect their trailer and sign the discharge. Then, the departure will be at 2.30 pm at the Cinquantenaire Park. The events will end at 6pm and each team is invited to bring its trailer back to the workshop before heading back to the park for a collective meal, the prize-giving ceremony and the now classic party! A fee of 10€, which includes the meal and two drinks, is charged to non-members. For members, it’s free.

Teams of 4 to 5 people, a trailer to share (each‧e will have to drive it, photo to support it), Fun events / Nice people / Good atmosphere A collective moment of celebration with gifts, a meal and a party! Sunshine (we’ve placed an order with the IRM) Everyone is invited to dress up in a “retro cycling” style, fluorescent jerseys, mullets and other accessories from the past are highly recommended!

Team registration required via: