A new lending antenna close by anytime soon ?


We have been keeping you on your toes for several months now with new openings, always postponed for reasons beyond our control, so we are pleased to announce the imminent opening of new lending antennas.

Before reaching this point, we thought about improving our flatbed trailer model to take into account the various feedbacks from our most loyal members.

Therefore, we have modified the angle of the drawbar to facilitate the maneuvers and especially developed supports to install mudguards which have a double utility: in addition to the protection of the rain and the mud for the loading, their fasteners allow to protect the wheels from the possible hits.

In addition, we have opted for more visibility by choosing a bright color for the frame of the trailers. In addition, new flags are there to warn motorists of the presence of the hitch.

Finally, we will be holding festive openings to celebrate these openings. If you haven’t had a chance to try out our trailers yet, this will be the perfect opportunity to come and see what they could help you transport.

Still no lending antenna near you? If you know of any locations that would be suitable for one or more trailers, please let us know !